Access Open Minds Logo overlaying different emoji faces background

Access Open Minds


Access Open Minds in my hometown, Chatham Ontario, was opening the doors of their new mental health space for youths with an event for the community. The What's Your Emoji theme was blown across posters, business cards, emoji masks, balloons, a "Cut the Stigma" ribbon, a microsite and an emoji pin wall.
Open Minds What's Your Emoji? Poster with colourful emoji faces
Open Minds colourful Emoji faces on pins
Open Minds What's Your Emoji? business card mockup
Open Minds colourful emoji masks in front of womans' faces
Open Minds Website mockup with wink face emoji
Open Minds What's Your Emoji? event with three girls holding masks and ballons
Open Minds wink face emoji on orange balloon
Open Minds Event ribbon being cut with the word Stigma printed on it